HP-UX fix I/O error and cannot determine file system statistics

Presented with an issue of a SAN that had a failure and a HP-UX server was not seeing the disks after the SAN was brought back online.  The error given was “cannot determine file system statistics” when issuing the “df” command on the system.  Following steps can be used in order to reclaim the disks, […]

UNIX – AIX – HP-UX LPD Printer Setup – Unix to Windows Printing

To install Print Services for UNIX on Windows 2000 or Windows XP: 1.             Log on to the machine with an administrative-level account. 2.             Start the Add/Remove Programs tool in Control Panel. 3.             Click Add/Remove Windows Components. 4.             Click Other Network File and Print Services, and then click Details. 5.             Click to select the Print Services […]

How to Install Bash on HP-UX

Installing Bash on HP-UX is fairly straight forward. You will need to install some dependencies in order to install bash on HP-UX, which I will cover below. First you will need to download your packages. Also, install in the below order as well. libiconv temcap gettext bash Uncompress the depot files gunzip package_name Then install […]

HP UX – CIFS – Mount Windows Share

A quick tutorial on how to mount a Windows shared folder onto HP UX. 1) Create your mount folder mkdir /backup 2) Setup the cifsclient to start on boot up. vi /etc/rc.config.d/cifsclient changed RUN_CIFSCLIENT=0 to =1. 3) Start the cifsclient dameon. /opt/cifsclient/bin/cifsclient start 4) Mount the Windows Share cifsmount //WindowsHost/backup /backup -s * You will […]