Resize or Extend Linux VG or LV

If you are needing to add more space to an LV but your VG has no space left to give to the LV.  Following the below will extend or resize your VG and LV in Redhat/CentOS linux. 1) Add a new disk to linux machine.  In VMware, you would just edit the system settings and […]

Helpful SAN LUN Disk AIX Commands

When adding LUN’s to AIX, the below commands can be helpful to add SAN disks.  These commands will help add the disks and also assist in identifying an issue as to why the server may not see the newly create SAN disks.   Get WWN, Model, Part Number, etc. From HBA lscfg -vp -l fcs0 […]

HP-UX fix I/O error and cannot determine file system statistics

Presented with an issue of a SAN that had a failure and a HP-UX server was not seeing the disks after the SAN was brought back online.  The error given was “cannot determine file system statistics” when issuing the “df” command on the system.  Following steps can be used in order to reclaim the disks, […]