UNIX – AIX – HP-UX LPD Printer Setup – Unix to Windows Printing

To install Print Services for UNIX on Windows 2000 or Windows XP: 1.             Log on to the machine with an administrative-level account. 2.             Start the Add/Remove Programs tool in Control Panel. 3.             Click Add/Remove Windows Components. 4.             Click Other Network File and Print Services, and then click Details. 5.             Click to select the Print Services […]

HP UX – CIFS – Mount Windows Share

A quick tutorial on how to mount a Windows shared folder onto HP UX. 1) Create your mount folder mkdir /backup 2) Setup the cifsclient to start on boot up. vi /etc/rc.config.d/cifsclient changed RUN_CIFSCLIENT=0 to =1. 3) Start the cifsclient dameon. /opt/cifsclient/bin/cifsclient start 4) Mount the Windows Share cifsmount //WindowsHost/backup /backup -s * You will […]