Resize or Extend Linux VG or LV

If you are needing to add more space to an LV but your VG has no space left to give to the LV.  Following the below will extend or resize your VG and LV in Redhat/CentOS linux. 1) Add a new disk to linux machine.  In VMware, you would just edit the system settings and […]

Kloxo – qmail – Setup DKIM for Mail Server

An easy to follow guide to install DKIM on CentOS 5.x Linux mail servers using qmailtoaster and kloxo/lxadmin. Re-posting this so that it is not lost for future setups. 5 minute guide to to help prevent outgoing emails from your email servers winding up in someone’s spam box. cd /tmp wget tar –zxf dkim.tgz […]

Monitor Audit MySQL Users Logon Script

I was searching all over to find a script to effectively monitor or audit users logging in to MySQl databases. There may be more scripts out there or tools that you can buy to audit users logging in to your MYSQL databases, but I can tell you, the below script that I decided to write, […]

Installing Zend PHP 5.3 on Redhat, CentOS 5.x

Installing PHP 5.3 has never been easier.  By following the below instructions, you will have PHP 5.3 installed on your Redhat or CentOS server within minutes. First, we need to add the Zend PHP  repo to our yum repository.  To do this, we will create a zend.repo file. Command: nano /etc/yum.repos.d/zend.repo ADD [Zend] name=Zend Server […]