How to Secure Your Linux Server With HostDeny

There are many of scripts on the internet that will block a proxy server, block web scrapers, block hack, ssh brute force attempts, well the list goes on. Though there is not one service that blocks them all including dark web visitors from visiting your site or servers. There is now an all in one solution that deny’s all security intrusive traffic from ever reaching your server. From SSH attempts all the way to email brute force attempts covers it all at the host level.

What makes so unique is that it secures your applications at the server level, not just at the application level. So no matter what type of application that you run on your server or open port. protects them all.

I have ran this software on a couple of my servers.  I can tell you that brute force attempts have decreased and bad bod traffic has decreased.  The bad bots have decreased so much, that my adsense earnings have gone up 30% by using HostDeny. WordPress failed login attempts have also decreased. I’m very impressed with this software and what it has to offer.  All sysadmins should see what HostDeny has to offer.  There is a 30 day free trial, which is what I am on, but do plan on upgrading once my free trial is over.



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