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I have always had a niche for web proxies. Building the hardware they run on, programming the software that runs on the hardware, and managing the high amounts of network that these sites can use. It is where I learned most of my talents in regards to High Availability, as most web HA setups require some type of “PROXY” architecture, F5, Cisco, HA Proxy, Squid, etc.. Depending on what your budget is, there is always some way of building an environment with HA in mind, whether it is a hardware based, or software based solution. has been my latest success in the proxy world. Only two months old, well the domain name is two months old. The site, around a month old at the time of writing this article. Based off of Perl, Two web servers, NDB database backend, and a self programmed load balancer for HA. Currently, at a month old, this site has on average of 4k to 6k of visitors a day, 20Mbps to 40Mbps of network traffic per server.

In a year, this site will more than likely be averaging 50k to 60k of visitors a day, already in process of designing a hardware and network architecture that will support this amount of visitors each day. There are many of proxy websites in the world, many maintained by amateur webmasters, I can say, to support such a proxy site such as Proxy Video, takes years of knowledge in the I.T. Data Center World.

My little Proxy Site has grown in worth and visitors in the past month. Below is to keep in mind how this site is progressing since this article has been written on 10/11/13.

Domain Age = 2 Months Old
Net Worth = $7,193.00
Alexa Global Rank = 4,897,009

Below is today’s current stats of

Net Worth

Video Proxy
Current Alexa Rank =

Proxy Server 1


Proxy Server 2


Proxy Server 3


Proxy Server 4


Proxy Server 5


Proxy Server 6


Jason Rogers

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