Linux – HP DL380 Servers Get DIMM Serial Numbers

I’ve came across some HP servers that it is impossible to get the dimm module serial number or model. There are many tools that that work with Linux, such as “dmidecode -t 17”, lshw, lm_sensors, i2c-tools, etc.. that require you to install additional software on a server to get such information, when installing software is not always viable solution. Though sometimes, these traditional tools will not output a dimm module serial number on a HP Server. Giving the below message:

Manufacturer: Not Specified
Serial Number: Not Specified
Part Number: Not Specified

Solution is with a tool that already comes with HP servers. What we will do is get the hex data from the modules EEPROM by using HP commands.

Run -> hpasmcli

When you run SHOW DIMM SPD, there will be hex data speed bytes at the bottom of the detailed information of the memory module. A bunch of numbers and letter, around 16 rows up and down. Copy these encoded data, and use this simple tool I wrote, also giving credit to the developers over at with some of the coding.

Input the hex data and submit.  You will then have your serial, manufacturer and part number.

This tool will work with any type of server and memory as long as you can pull the speed bytes from EEPROM.

Jason Rogers
Charlotte, NC

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