Jason Rogers – LBH Load Balancer Project – Charlotte, NC

Working with different load balancer software’s and appliances over the years, I was compelled to create an affordable load balancer for the small guys. Working in enterprise environments and managing F5 load balancers, I thought it would be nice to be able to come up with a load balancer that was easy to use and affordable. So I took a couple of days to develop the LBH load balancer that has all of the functions of the larger load balancers, but could be setup within a couple of minutes on any virtual machine or physical server. Also, I wanted to have all of the major functions to be built in to the back-end of the load balancer, such as reverse proxying, round-robin load balancing, and something that would monitor a servers status, which the load balancer would take the server out of the pool if there should be an issue.

The project led to http://www.LoadBalancerHost.com a website that was built in a night to be able to bring my concept to clients around the world for a price that is unheard of in the load balancer industry. LBH is able to setup in a matter of minutes. Within minutes, a client can have a load balanced environment that can scale across the globe. The next major release of the software will be, global load balancing. Currently, you can load balance between three datacenters on the LBH load balancer, but the next release will have the ability to have an active/passive load balancer with HA in mind.

The project is production ready, but is still under development. There will be many more features coming to the LBH load balancer, which I will update on the progression of the project, time to time.

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  • Jason says:

    This software has been sold. I am no longer developing or supporting this project due to ownership rights being transferred.