HP-UX fix I/O error and cannot determine file system statistics

Presented with an issue of a SAN that had a failure and a HP-UX server was not seeing the disks after the SAN was brought back online.  The error given was “cannot determine file system statistics” when issuing the “df” command on the system.  Following steps can be used in order to reclaim the disks, and also show how to repair if there is disk corruption once the server is able to see the disks from the SAN.

Reclaim the disks by issuing the following commands.

insf -C disk

ioscan -fnuC disk

You might have I/O error when trying to change into a directory of a reclaimed disk.  This will be caused by disk corruption.  You will need to do a file system check at this point.  First you will need to umount the disk.

umount /data

if you have the “device is busy” error, issue the fuser command kill any process trying to use the disk.

fuser -ck /data

Issue the following command to repair the disk volume.

fsck /dev/vg-blah/lv-blah

Once the disk has been checked, re-mount the disk

mount /data

Repeat for multiple disks that the server may have.

~Jason Rogers


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