AIX How To reorgvg – INTER-POLICY Maximum

AIX has the capability to spread I/O across all disks within a Volume Group for a logical Volume.  When setting up a a logical Volume, without the Inter-Policy set to maximum.  Data writes in the order of the disk were presented within the Volume Group.  Meaning, once one disk is full with in the Volume Group, data will start writing to the second disk until full, etc…

When creating Logical Volumes that will be consuming large amounts of I/O and there are more than one disk within a Volume group, I would recommend that using the -e and ‘x’ flags being used when creating your volumes. Example, below.

mklv -t jfs2 -y LV_NAME -e ‘x’ VG_NAME 6

If your logical volumes have already been assigned to the Volume Group, you can change the Inter-Policy and do a reorgvg by issuing the following commands.

1)  Check to ensure that there is 1 PP available.

lsvg VG_NAME | grep “FREE PPs:”

2) Set the INTER-POLICY to maximum.

chlv -e x LV_NAME

3) Check to ensure that INTER-POLICY is maximum before proceeding to reorgvg.


4) Run reorgvg on the VG that you set the LV policy on.

reorgvg VG_NAME

** REMEMBER – You must have one free PP to run a reorgvg.

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