Simple How to Mirror rootvg on AIX

Below the following commands will help assist in mirroring the rootvg on AIX 5.x to 7.1. Have an empty disk available to mirror the existing rootvg.  Add the empty disk to the existing vg by doing the following. extendvg rootvg hdisk1 Now we are going to mirror the VG. This will take a while to […]

Helpful SAN LUN Disk AIX Commands

When adding LUN’s to AIX, the below commands can be helpful to add SAN disks.  These commands will help add the disks and also assist in identifying an issue as to why the server may not see the newly create SAN disks.   Get WWN, Model, Part Number, etc. From HBA lscfg -vp -l fcs0 […]

Install openssh on AIX 7.1

Installing openssh on AIX 7.1 is pretty much straight forward.  Finding the right openssh version can be the worse part of installing on AIX 7.x.  The below is a small doc so that I can remember where I placed this version and hopefully help others as well looking to install openssh on AIX 7.x. AIX […]